Activities for Moms

The Mountain House Mothers’ Club has several regular “Mom’s Night Out” (MNO) activities available for our members, which provide opportunities for building friendships around common interests. Members can check the Facebook calendar for upcoming activities and themes. If interested in currently scheduled activities, feel free to email the Activities Chair at

The Activities Coordinator and Mom’s Night Out Committee are always looking for new ideas and hosts. If you have an idea for an activity or want to host, or have questions about organizing a new activity or making changes to an existing one, please contact our Activities Chair.

Some examples of what the MHMC has done for MNOs:

Dinner or Drinks Night Out

Oftentimes our MNO is as simple as meeting up for dinner at a local restaurant, enjoying some drinks and music at Vino 100 in Tracy, or taking advantage of a local restaurant’s happy hour.

Good Eats

Good Eats meets to explore and experience various aspects of cooking or baking, whether by cooking ourselves or sampling local eateries. Good Eats may meet in the morning, afternoon, or evening depending on the whim of the organizer.

Cocktail Hour and New Member Night

Cocktail Hour is an occasional Mom’s Night Out activity to welcome and get to know our new members. Get dressed up and join us for a drink.

Craft Night

Typically for Craft Night, everyone brings their own craft to work on while we chitchat and enjoy a glass of wine. Other nights there is a theme, with a specific craft supplied by the club.

Game Night

Come out for Game Night, bring a snack or drink to share, and be prepared for some laughs and a great time!

Movie Night

In the past, we had a Movie Night every other month. We may bring this fun activity back in the near future!


Many Saturday mornings we’ve met up at a local salon in Tracy for some mani/pedis. Come get pampered!

Yoga Pants Night

Some nights we just get together in our yoga pants and enjoy some wine! These nights are often the most fun – no theme needed, just some good old fashioned socialization.

For Moms & Kids

We often like to walk along the creek trail or do yoga in the park. These activities are during the day and kids are always welcome.