Leadership Team

Volunteers who make our club great!

The MHMC Leadership Team (LT) changes every year in January. It’s beneficial for the club for fresh faces to take over certain aspects of the club while bringing new and exciting ideas to each position. This keeps the club ever-changing while always remaining loyal to its members. We’re here to have fun and foster friendships and community, and the LT never loses sight of that.

All members are invited to volunteer to take a LT position, since what each member gets out of the club is directly related to what she puts into it!

The MHMC Leadership Team for 2016

President: Jillian Decoteau
email: mhmcpresident@gmail.com

Vice-President: Gina LaMora
email: mhmcvicepresident@gmail.com

Membership Chair: Autumn Benitez
email: mhmcmembership@gmail.com

Activities Co-Chairs: Johnnie Smith and Naldine Berko
email: mhmcactivities@gmail.com

Treasurer: Rachael Garrison
email: mhmctreasurer@gmail.com

Communications Chair: Shameka Collins
email: mountainhousemccommunications@gmail.com

Playgroups Chair: Heather Dew
email: mhmcplaygroups@gmail.com