How to Join the Mountain House Mothers' Club

Becoming a Member

Four easy steps!

1. First, please review our Bylaws.

2. Next, fill out the form below. It will be submitted to our Membership Chair

3. Then, pay your dues to the Treasurer or President. You will receive specific information from our Membership Chair once your membership request form is submitted. We accept dues in person paid with cash or check.

4. Finally, request to join our Facebook page. (This is not required, but highly encouraged as the majority of activity and updates occur on this page.)

Once your membership request and dues have been received, your request to join our Facebook page will be approved (if applicable) and you will officially be a member of the Mountain House Mothers’ Club (MHMC)! You will then receive further information from the Membership Chair.

Membership Dues

The MHMC is a social, non-profit club that supports mothers and their families in our community. Activities and events are supported by membership dues.

General dues are $25 each year, beginning January 1 through December 31 of that year. While our membership year runs from January through December, a member may join at any time and pay dues as detailed below.

Schedule of Dues

If joining between January 1 and June 30, you pay $25.00
If joining between July 1 and November 30, you pay $15.00
If joining during the month of December, you pay $25 for 13 months of membership (membership good until December 31 of the following year)

Membership Request Form