Since 2004, we strive to give back to the community throughout the year, whenever possible. Here are some of the ways we have recently contributed.

We also support community events sponsored by other local groups when opportunities present themselves. These events vary year by year. In previous years, we have supported pajama, book, and toy drives, participated in bake sales for local and national charities, and walked in fundraiser events, to name a few.

To suggest local charities or offer ideas how we can help, please contact our club President at

Fourth of July Parade and Booth

Currently, the MHMC supports the Fourth of July Parade by walking in the parade. We hosted the community Pie and Cookie Bake-Off at the festival, and have raised money for charities from this booth. Money has been raised with raffles, lemonade sales, baked goods sales and kids tattoos. In 2015, we handed off the Pie Bake-Off to the Wicklund and Questa School Foundations. We still hosted a booth, with face painting, tattoos and crafts for the kids. Over the years, we’ve raised money for local charities. Last year all donations went to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Holiday Season

During many holiday seasons, we’ve worked with local organizations to help a specific family in need. From basics such as winter jackets, shoes and clothing, to a computer for the family, we’ve done all we can to make sure that the family has these needs met. In 2015, we decided to help a local family shelter and were able to donate blankets and sheets, which were their greatest need at the time.

Food Drives

In 2015, we did two food drives. Early in the year, we collected over 600 pounds of canned food from members alone! All food items went to a local food bank. Later in the year, we collected needed items and food for victims of the Butte fires.