The Mountain House Mothers’ Club offers many programs and opportunities for its members. These are designed to enhance our members’ experience in the Club, as well as the lives of their families. For questions about these Programs, contact the President.

Meal Train

The MHMC recognizes that bringing a new child into the family is a busy and challenging time. To help with this transition, our Meal Train Program provides three meals to any member who brings a new child into their family, whether by birth or adoption. Expectant mothers should notify the club President of their due date and update her when she will be ready for meals. Meals are prepared by members on a volunteer basis. The Leadership Team may also extend this programs to families in time of need due to illness, surgery, or other life challenges. If you are expecting or in need of a Meal Train, please let the President know.


We have an ongoing commitment to encourage every member of the MHMC to stay as involved as possible. While many of our members love to simply attend our wonderful events and activities, many others desire to contribute to the club in larger ways. In 2015, we formed multiple committees to address the needs of the Club while keeping our members engaged. These committees include Holiday Event Planning, Exercise, Mom’s Night Out, Travel, Crafts, Philanthropy and Weekday Field Trips.

Babysitting Co-op

Typically, our members form friendships with other parents in their weekly playgroup. From these friendships, and while their children become familiar with one another, many childcare opportunities have presented themselves. However, we have formed a Babysitting Co-op with the effort of watching one another’s children when we are able. If you are a member interested in joining our babysitting co-op, please email our President.